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Superswitch(tm) 3-pack Touch Dimmers

Price: $19.99  
Model: PP3140
Weight: 1.75

  • Just touch your lamp or lamp cord to dim the lights, no fumbling, no reaching, no hassle, no problem! 
  • Features 3 way off, dim, brighter and brightest
  • Energy Saving Solution makes bulbs last long and saves money! 
  • The 3-way Touch Dimmer is compatible with all types of standard bulbs. 
  • This 3-way Touch Dimmer will turn any standard on/off bulb into a 3 way touch dimmable.
  • After the unit is installed, you can touch any metal part of the lamp or even the cord to activate the lamp.
  • Helps you save energy and extend bulb life. 
  • Features:
    • Full-range light dimmers
    • Four stages of brightness: off, low, medium, high
    • No wiring required
    • Turns any lamp into a touch lamp
    • FCC certified
    • Note: CFL bulbs will only switch between on/off
    • Includes 3-per package
  • How To Use:
    • Plug lamp into dimmer control 
    • Plug dimmer control into wall outlet
    • Control brightness by touching lamp or wire
Superswitch(tm) 3-pack Touch Dimmers

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