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CYMA P.618 Airsoft Pistol Dueling Kit with 2 Pistols

Price: $19.99  
Model: 65-P618
Weight: 1.15

The CYMA P.618 Dueling Kit features two pistols and 6 mm BB starter set all in a convenient carrying case. CYMA P.618 pistols are ideal for shooting competitions. Their modeling makes them very realistic and the plastic shell makes the P.618 very durable. This extraordinary air sport gun utilizes a spring operated firing mechanism to shoot 6 mm BBs at up to 110 fps. The P.618 clips hold up to 9 rounds offering you plenty of fire power. Don’t be caught without a sidearm in the heat of battle!

Features include:

  • Magazine Capacity: 9 6mm BBs
  • Velocity Approximately: 110 fps
  • Magazine Lever Release
  • Spring Operated Firing Mechanism
  • 53 6mm BB starter set
  • Orange tipped barrel
  • Pistol Dimensions: 5.5 x 1.125 x 4.25 inches
  • Carrying Case with Handles and Latches

CYMA P.618 Airsoft Pistol Dueling Kit with 2 Pistols

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