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Rainbow Brush Alphabet Marker Kit - As seen on TV

Price: $29.99  
Model: 80-20911
Weight: 1.26

We are all familiar with the standard alphabet book … A for apple, B for ball, C for cat, and so on until Z for zebra. Now, imagine an alphabet where the letter A is made up of two kissing dolphins and the letter B has two goldfish hiding in wavy seaweed.

The RainbowBrush® Alphabet Edition is not about phonics but about learning the alphabet in a fun and absorbing way, using exotic animals and swirling colors to create graceful, eye-catching and unique lettering from A to Z.

The 52-page Alphabet Edition book has simple step-by-step instructions beautiful color photography and illustrations to show how to draw each letter using dolphins, birds, fish, butterflies, turtles, frogs, flamingos and many more characters.

Included with each book are five of our patented, innovative RainbowBrush® markers. Use them one at a time for single colors, or connect two or more together for perfect rainbow art in a single stroke. Let your imagination go wild with RainbowBrush®. 52 pages hard cover comes with 5 markers, Ages: 6+

Features include:

52 instructional pages

5 markers

10 ready-to-draw pages

Fun Scenes

Easy Step-by-step Instructions into the world of art and color

Rainbow Brush Alphabet Marker Kit - As seen on TV

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