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Poker Countdown Tournament Timer DVD

Price: $19.99  
Model: 10-DVD9554
Weight: 1.00

With the Poker Countdown DVD there will be no more nagging questions like "What are blinds? How much time is left before the blinds go up?" A simple & affordable way to make hosting your poker tournaments much more enjoyable!

The Poker Countdown DVD is the Ultimate Addition to hosting your Texas Hold 'Em or Omaha Tournament! All you need is a TV & DVD Player. No computer required! Features Large Countdown Timer, Round Number, Current & Upcoming Blind Levels. Audible & Visual warning & alert when the blinds increase!

Choose from 3 different games! 15, 20, or 30 Minute Blinds. Use your remote to start, stop, pause, resume, rewind, fast-forward, and skip rounds. Keeps your tournament running smoothly & keeps the players informed.

Extra DVD tracks include:-Basic tournament set-up instructions-Betting-Blind structures-Basic tournament rules-Dealing Texas Hold 'Em-Seating players-Payouts, and helpful info!

Poker Countdown Tournament Timer DVD

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