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Ab Flyer w/ Workout and Meal Plan, Training Guide and DVD

Price: $199.99  
Model: 80-78488
Weight: 51.95

The Ab Flyer is a revolutionary exercise device that is taking abdominal training in a whole new direction. Unlike traditional crunches, which work your abs from the “top down,” the Ab Flyer works your abs from the “bottom up,” while limiting stress to your neck , back and shoulders.

Gymnasts and bodybuilders have known this secret for years: to get a strong, lean core necessary for competition, they work their abs from the bottom up.

The Hanging Leg Raise is a “bottom up” exercise that is highly effective for developing great abs.But it is a very difficult exercise to perform. Here’s why. The exercise requires not only tremendous upper body strength to hang from a bar, but it also requires you to perform a lower abdominal contraction while lifting the entire weight of your lower body.

This exercise sounds hard because it is hard. In fact, for the average person, this exercise is nearly impossible.But not anymore. The Ab Flyer makes this difficult exercise possible for anyone to perform.Its weight-bearing design eliminates the need to hang from a bar and places the user in a comfort-able kneeling position off the floor. The Ab Flyer guides you through a perfect lower abdominal lift while eliminating strain to your neck, back and shoulders. The Ab Flyer engages your abs from start-to-finish, giving you a continuous core contraction with every repetition. The free motion seat adjusts to target your obliques at every angle for a complete abdominal workout.

The Ab Flyer is built with the highest quality materials, yet it can be folded in seconds so you can store it almost anywhere from the closet to under the bed and is ready when and where you are!

Features include:

  • Ab Flyer Unit with Counter
  • Guide to the Ab Flyer™ System Book includes:
    • Ab Flyer™ Exercise Plan 
    • Take Off the Pounds Mix & Match Meal Plan 
  • Owner's Manual and Training Guide
  • Take Off the Pounds Cardio DVD
  • Crafted from heavy-duty steel, this frame supports up to 300 lbs.
  • Includes digital counter and timer
  • Comfortable arm and seat cushions
  • Tension controls easily change the intensity of workout
  • The Ab Flyer easily folds down and stores away anywhere
  • Dimensions: 34 x 33 x 48 inches

Ab Flyer w/ Workout and Meal Plan, Training Guide and DVD

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